Jun 022014

Thanks to Laura for her purchase of this sweet guy.


Wllamtrt12007, 16h, black and white papered Georgian Grande gelding (Freisian x Saddlebred). Originally purchased as a combined driving horse, he sat around for a few years so he’s getting a late start to under saddle work .

He is beautifully put together and is an awesome mover, super hock engagement and good animation up front. He has started his dressage career with several high score championships at local unrecognized shows.

He garnered scores up to 75% at training 2 and 3.  At First Level, his scores were equally as good with one 73.12% at First 2 with 8’s on gaits and Impulsion, lots of 8s on movements including a 9 on canter lengthening’s.  He is working on all the Second level movements and at his first show, he received a score in the low 60s.  

He is a sensitive horse and requires a rider with good control of their aids but he rewards you greatly. He’s a really, really comfortable horse to ride, especially if you have back problems.  If you have big dreams but a small budget, this is the horse for you – he will take you up the levels.


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