May 172016

Thanks to Julia for her purchase of this delightful fellow!


codytrt216.1H, 7 yo, black Perch x QH cross.   If this horse had  crooked legs, a knot on his head and was the color of mud, you should still buy him – because he has the most fantastic mind ever, EVER!  However, he just happens to be jet black, perfectly conformed and has the sweetest face, and the most lovely soft eye you can imagine. 

He is about as bomb-proof as a horse comes (and I don’t believe there is such a thing as bomb proof horses).  And, he has three good gaits with his canter being an absolute delight.  Plus, he is an amazing jumper.  Hack him out, event him, show him in dressage.  I believe he would hunt.  

codytrt3A delight in the barn, he loads, stands tied, good for farrier, vet, etc.  He lives out but is so quiet when he’s in, you don’t know he’s there.  Truly an exceptional individual.  He also has one white sock, and you know the saying “One white sock, buy him . . “


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