Jun 012000
Chantilly Lace(Laci) 3 yo Bel x Appy mare. Big and beautiful, this mare is a stunning mover, huge stride and powerful, come from behind movement. Her ideal conformation makes everything work exactly the way it should.  This mare has blown us all away with her temperament; she’s so quiet we wonder if she has a pulse! My hand to God, it  took us six sessions to get her to w/t/c and hacking out from being totally unbroke. Absolutely no spook!. A big huge canter and all the potential in the world. This is  a dazzling mare. If you have never trained a green horse, don’t let that stop you from looking at this mare, she’s that quiet; anyone can train her.

Thanks to Joan Witticopp of Rochester, NY for her purchase of this lovely, sweet girl