Jun 012001
Silk CutA 16. H + 3 yo filly, mahogany bay with three even socks. A Cleveland Bay x French Coach cross. Think champagne & caviar, fine wines and rare orchids. The equine equivalent of a James Bond girlfriend, she is quite possibly the nicest filly we have ever had. This mare’s long high set neck and huge sloping shoulder give her so much self carriage that her movement is air born. Her substantial hindquarters and big hind step will make dressage a piece of cake. She is intelligent, has a good work ethic and is a pleasure to behold. Her athleticism is such that she could probably do anything, but she will certainly excel at dressage. An unusual cross, she offers a superb blend of looks and talent. She is well started w/t/c and is just waiting to make a rider look good.

Thanks to Cathy Belch of Berryville, VA for her purchase of this spectacular mare.