Jun 012002

O’Brian’s Bridge“Jake” in the barn. He’s a very special horse. First of all, he is really, really quiet. When we broke him, we just climbed up – he was that laid back. Secondly, what a nice, well balanced mover, just an unbelievable canter. The first time we were on his back he could canter in the roundpen which is only 40 feet and I have older trained horses that have trouble with that. Third he has the temperament that makes him a “Dundulk” horse. Just goes right along with anything, no big spook, very trainable, learns every time he has a lesson. Plus, he is bred like another horse we sold – Pepe (formerly Gabriel) who is an awesome jumper. We expect more of the same out of Jake. A stylish, quiet, athletic horse.

A sincere thank you to Amy Hella of Annapolis for her purchase of Jake – a horse of a lifetime.