Jun 012003

Irish GraniteWhat everybody wants! 16.2H 7yo Perch x TB. This horse will be the best field hunter you will ever own. He is quiet in company, stands at checks, does not mind the hounds underfoot, he stops when the horse in front of him stops and jumps anything from a trot or canter-and jumps it well. He is an absolute dream over fences, easy to stay and easy to rate. Does not pull or get excited if there is a line, just waits his turn and trots quietly in. He will take the field or follow or whip. A big, classy, dappled 16.2H grey gelding with a good trot and rocking chair canter. At least three people asked me where In Ireland I got him from the first time I had him out cubbing. He already has two seasons of hunting under his belt, but he could do anything. We started lower level eventing with him this summer and he is always in the ribbons, never stops – does ditches, banks & water! He’s done a couple of jumper shows and he clocks around the 3’ division clean. Once he gets his changes and makes the time, he will be unbeatable as he never looks at a thing! He’s so quiet, he will take kids on a trail ride or take a master on the hunt field. He’s the type every one is looking for, good substantial bone without being heavy. A stunning individual that is as elegant as he is quiet. It’s really hard to find a horse with enough mileage to be considered made, but not so much that he shows wear and tear. This horse passed his pre-purchase with flying colors, is young enough to go on for over a dozen years and is old enough to get right into serious work. We rarely get them like this so don’t miss him. Currently cubbing with Blue Ridge Hunt

Thanks to Sheri & John Golitz of Wisconsin for their purchase of this amazing horse.