Jun 012003

Riddler3yo 16.1H,ClydexTBxWB gelding. Ridley has surprised us all. With his size, we expected him to take a while to find his balance but he is one of the most beautifully balanced horses we have ever started. He’s a light, floaty mover and has a superior canter. He’s even thrown in a flying change when asked. He’s already reaching for the bit and showing a nice engaged trot. He’s beautifully marked with four whites and a blaze and should easily mature 17H. He has ¼ warmblood in his pedigree and we believe he will be a special horse once he is finished growing. He’s super sweet, with a lovely, kind eye; the kind you fall for just looking at him. We firmly believe he’s going to be above average in his athletic ability. If you need a bigger horse, don’t pass this one by because he’s green, he’s going well at w/t/c and hacking out. He’ll be a standout in whatever he does.

Thanks to Michele Leasure of N. Salem New York for her purchase of this wonderful guy.