Jun 012004

BentleyWhat A Pleasure! this young horse is to hunt. A 4 yo 16H solid bay Belgian x TB gelding who started both his eventing career and foxhunting the month of October and has amazed everyone with his demeanor. By the fourth time he hunted second flight, he was basically made – he stands quietly at checks, canters politely, he never hangs or pulls, just lengthens his stride to go faster. He has the most amazing canter, soft and light and “up”. He’s so light – a true ladies hunter. He contested his first starter horse trial to a 3rd place finish. He scored a 36 in dressage, had one stop in stadium (first fence – he clearly did not know what he was in there for) and was clean x-country! It’s hard to say what recommends him more, his flat work or his jumping. He has really good rhythm & cadence in all three gaits but his canter is to die for. It’s very up and light and is such a pleasure to ride, nothing earth-bound about it. Bentley loves to jump and is apparently part fish as we took him to a cross country school before the event and he leapt into the water the first time and each succeeding time thereafter. He also did the ditch and up and down banks the first time. He is very stylish over fences and easy to stay with. This is a smaller, more refined horse that has a ton of talent. He will make a super event horse or a lovely foxhunter. If you just want to trail ride or do dressage, he’ll be equally suitable.

Thanks to Toni Egger of Castleton, Va for her purchase of this dear horse. Hope to see you out hunting one day.