Jun 012005

Banderas“Tony” is a 4yo Perch x TB gelding that really looks the part. A very classic solid bay with one sock, this 16.2H gelding has a lot of TB to his looks: Medium bone with a lot of leg, he is a nice correct mover that is built very uphill. I’ve had ¾ bred horses that were heavier than him, so he is very refined. He only looks TB however – he definitely does not act it as he is dead, dead, dead quiet – really! Just so agreeable and kind with such a sensible nature. We have made our reputation on selling a lot of quiet, trainable horses, but what this horse has you can’t train into them. His innate temperament is so quiet that it’s very special. He is an absolute doll in the barn, and a perfect gentleman in every way. He is going well at walk, trot, canter and we hope to have him out second flight with the hounds this winter. If he takes to hunting like he has taken to everything else, he’ll be made in no time. This is a lovely, refined, elegant horse with an “aged gelding” disposition. Don’t miss him.

Thanks to Liz Blue of Butler, MD for her purchase of this absolute sweetheart