Jun 012005

Diana! 17.1H, 8 yo Bel x TB mare. The horse of a lifetime. This extraordinary mare will stop you in your tracks. Built very uphill, with the most beautiful head and huge kind eye, she just electrifies everyone. No one, not even top dressage clinicians could guess her lineage – looking more like a warmblood than most warmbloods these days, she absolutely floats across the ground and her big rolling canter is like a cruise ship on an ocean without any waves. he is amazing to behold but her movement and looks are only part of the story. She is as kind and quiet under saddle as a school pony, very willing and eager to work, yet quiet and very trainable. This mare has had years of serious dressage training with top riders and is equally suitable for the upwardly mobile professional or an amateur wanting to learn. Solid at first level, she is beginning second level movements such as half pass at the trot and canter. She will make the most novice of rider look good. This mare can hack out with a child; she is so quiet she has virtually no spook. Her work ethic is unmatched – she is trainable, sensible and responsive. She also has a stunning natural form over fences and with a little work, could easily show jumpers or fox hunt. You could spend a whole heck of a lot more money and not get half the horse this mare is. If you’ve been waiting for the horse that could take you up the levels yet be easy enough that your trainer would not have to ride it first, this is absolutely the horse for your. Truly a rare find.