May 312006

ZypherIf you’ve read this site, you know our fascination with the hackney crossbred. Zypher is a paint/percheron/hackney gelding that we sold to Sarah Shearin in the fall of 2004. She began hunting him with Blue Ridge (first flight!) the 2004-2005 hunt season. She then began his eventing career in the summer of 2005. He has received a score of 9 in dressage on a movement in his first recognized event, he has never had a stop cross country or in stadium and he always makes time. He is slated to move up to Training this fall and he is just five. Zypher exemplifies what we love in this cross: trainability, extraordinary self-carriage and suitability for dressage and remarkable jumping ability. Sarah reports that when she takes her TB mare on the x-country course, it is work, but when she takes Zypher – it is just fun. He’s that easy. Sarah is 18 and trains with Sharon White. Look for them eventing – he’s hard to miss with his black & white markings and one blue eye, showing under the name Halcyon Meadow’s West Wind. Zypher is our 2005 Hackney spokes-horse.