Jun 022006

St. Jakob3 yo Perch x Fresian turning grey gelding. Very fancy horse – elegant and refined; and he has, for a draftcross, an absolutely lovely head. He is currently 16 H and will mature 16.1 or 2. He has a wonderful, unflappable disposition – if he is unsure of something, he stops. He is kind, quiet and wanting to please. He is well started and hacking out by himself without a fuss. You could not ask for a better combination in terms of looks and mind. He will be well suited to dressage – he has a huge hind step and a lot of reach up front but don’t overlook him for jumping as one of the best jumpers we ever had was a Fresian x Percheron. He will be a standout at whatever he does. A really quiet horse just waiting for a lifetime partner, don’t miss him.

Thanks to Mary Syms of Maryland for her purchase of the great guy.