Jun 022007

Gone Fishing“Fisher” Fisher is a 3 yo liver chestnut (with three high whites!) 15.3 hand Clyde cross gelding. He is beautiful, he is refined, and he is, above all, extraordinarily quiet. Well started going w/t/c in the ring and hacking out as quietly as an old school pony. He is just learning to flex a bit and give to the bridle – when he does, he is showing a lot of animation and reach up front. He will be quite a nice dressage prospect but an equally nice eventer or field hunter. People often ask how I select my horses and it’s hard to describe exactly because it is a combination of so many things. Prior to my last buying trip, a breeder e-mailed me pics of six horses he had for sale. When I asked him which of the six was the absolute quietest, he said “the chestnut”. When we visited to see them in person, I asked his rider which was the absolute quietest, he said “the chestnut”. When I asked the breeder’s son, who handled them daily which was the absolute quietest, he said “the chestnut”. As I was walking down the barn aisle, one horse left his hay and stood at the front of his stall watching me, I walked all the way to the end of the barn and back past him all the way to the other end, he craned his neck to keep his eye on me. Wherever I stood, his eye followed. Turned out, he was “the chestnut”. So, if you asked me why I bought this horse I will tell you because he is quiet, attractive, refined, etc., but I will also tell you it’s because he caught my eye, which maybe has as much to do with it as anything. This is an extraordinary prospect, he won’t last long so don’t miss him.

Thanks to Marian Cerilly of Southern California for her purchase of this sweetie. We will most definitely miss him.