Jun 022008

Wills One of our homebred’s, Wills is now 4 years old and nearly 17H and he is nothing short of magnificent. A very dark (black) bay with a white hind and star this horse offers exceptional talent and exceptional temperament. Going w/t/c in the ring, he is naturally light and frames himself up. His canter is so effortless and uphill it’s like he has a self-carriage gene – it’s built right in. What’s the saying? What you breed in, you don’t have to train in? Well, it’s already installed and his canter demonstrates it – it has a lot of natural jump and it is breathtaking to behold and to ride. He is out of a Shire x TB mare and by the Swedish Warm blood stallion Pehrsson (http://caduceusfarm.com/). His bit of shire blood gives him a lovely trainable temperament and his Gran Prix dressage daddy gives him the ability to sit. If you want a horse to go up through the levels, this horse can take you. But don’t pass him by if you are looking for a jumper, he has made his fondness for jumping well known here on the farm – he jumped out of the paddock 3 times in one week. Truly, a very special individual. There are just not many bred like this.

Thanks to Ginny Sullivan for her purchase of our dear Wills