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Drum Roll Please! In our effort to offer extraordinary cross bred horses, we became fascinated with the “Georgian Grande” usually a Saddlebred (or saddle-bred-type) of horse crossed with a draft. We stumbled upon this cross quite accidentally 12 years ago when we bought one before the “breed” even had a name. The horse we bought is a 17 H Belgian x Saddlebred mare and her name is Ruby. She is now 16 years old and she is my husband’s field hunter. He was awarded his colors from two Virginia hunts while riding her. She is an absolutely brilliant jumper, she will hunt up front or behind. I have lost count of the young horses I started in the hunt field with her as a baby sitter; she has also evented and will pack a beginner on the trail and has served as a lesson horse in dressage. She has been the most versatile horse we have ever owned and there have been quite a few family discussions over who gets to hunt her on weekends – she always makes her rider look good. She is indescribably dear to us. So, with Ruby always in mind, we look for Saddlebred crosses and offer Drum Roll Please!

Drummer is a Clyde x Saddlebred cross colt, 6 months old. He will either be black or black bay and he has four high white stockings and a blaze. He is, simply put, magnificent. He will be very refined, maturing to around 16 or 16.1 H since his dam is the Saddlebred and his sire the Clyde. He will be equally well suited for dressage or jumping and he will catch absolutely everyone’s eye with his stunning looks. His breeding offers the natural self-carriage that makes dressage a snap and jumping easy. Our dressage riders at the barn are already drooling over his trot. I can’t say enough about the natural elevation these horses offer. If you’ve ever ridden a young horse that is heavy in your hands, and that you train for years to get “light” you will be amazed at a Georgian Grande’s natural self carriage. His temperament, even as a young colt is kind and accommodating and not the least spooky or sensitive. Truly special, Drummer is a prospect for any discipline with an absolutely riveting presence.

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Thanks to Katherine Post for her purchase of this darling little guy.

Attention! We have another one of these coming in early August – don’t know if it will have the extreme chrome of Drummer but it is sure to be an exceptional sporthorse – keep checking the website for details.