Jun 022009

HobKnob4 yo CSH seal bay gelding, 15H with a sock and star. Out of all the crossbreds that have passed though our doors (gates?) the past 14 or so years, this is undoubtedly one of the nicest. He is half Morgan and out of a Clyde x TB dam. He is a fraternal half brother to the advanced event horse “Naughty by Nature” who is not only competing at that level, but has had several wins and a 3rd. Hobknob is a spectacular mover, demonstrating natural rhythm, cadence and animation. He is beautifully put together with a lovely long, high-set neck and a textbook shoulder (no wonder he can move like that!). And while he has not had any formal jump training, he has shown picture-perfect form in the free jump. His physical attributes recommend him highly to anyone looking for a serious competition horse, but it his character that really sets him apart; his intelligence, trainability, and generosity are truly out of the ordinary for a young horse. He seems to genuinely like people and is charming in his efforts for his rider. You will like him for any discipline. He should mature around 16h and will be perfect for someone who wants a smaller horse with the talent to compete with the big boys.

Thanks to Karen Obenshain for her purchase of this awesome fellow.