May 312010

Sock 2009(Osocka – 3/4TB, 1/4Perch) and his owner Jennifer Shattuck make their debut at Training Level at the Lumber River HT in NC with a 4th place finish! Yea! Jennifer and Sockie. First qualifying score towards Prelim for this very promising partnership.




Sockie 9071Congratulations to Jennifer Shattuck and Osocka, (3/4 TB x 1/4 Perch) competing at the Five Points Horse Trials at Carolina Horsepark in September of 07, where they garnered at 28 in dressage with a 9 on one movement! Way to go Sockie and Jennifer! We knew this horse loved to jump but wow! are we impressed with his improvement in dressage.

Thanks to everyone who give these horses such wonderful homes!