Jun 022010

Red Diamond 7 yo Percheron x TB gelding, 16.2H chestnut with a sock. This horse is so lovely on so many different levels, it’s hard to know where to start. He’s a nice refined type with exceptional conformation, looks like a warmblood but is not too big to carry a petite rider. His gaits are outstanding – big, rhythmic and cadenced; his walk and canter are superb. He began his show career in January of 2010 bringing home a blue with a score of 72% at training level (with a 9 on some movements!) and was high score of the day. He is a solid training level horse, schooling first level movements. Currently working on lengthenings, departs from the walk, etc. He is easy to ride and very suitable for novice or timid riders as while he knows his stuff, he is not overly reactive to un-intended aids – he’s quiet and patient. He’s great to hack out, not silly or spooky in the least and if he does not get ridden for weeks at a time, he’s pretty much the same. Calm temperament, willing attitude and great gaits, what more could you want? Can’t say enough good things about this guy. Please search the draftcrossdotcom channel on YouTube for his videos.

Thanks to Harper and Dan for their purchase of this all around good guy.