Jun 022011

Blanco D'OroA stunning, palomino paint Georgian Grande Colt, this guy was doing canter pirouettes at 3 hours old! He is I/2 saddlebred and out of a draftcross mare. Please read what Dr. Deb Bennett has to say about the Saddlebred’s suitability for dressage below. He is built very uphill, with a highset neck, very correct foundation and a lovely head. He’s going to be fabulous for any sport but he will absolutely excel in dressage. He is handled daily, he leads, picks up his feet and stands tied. A one of a kind special guy. If you absolutely have to have something out of the ordinary, don’t miss him.

Dr. Deb Bennett, PhD., analyzed the American Saddlebred in her Applied Conformation series (in Equus 225): “For more than 100 years, American Saddlebreds have been produced for the purpose of carrying a riders weight comfortably and efficiently. I have never seen any Saddlebred horse – even a part bred – who did not readily perform the passage. Most have incredibly comfortable and coordinated canters as well, I think they are the most neglected of all breeds suitable for dressage.”

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Thanks to Karen of Georgia