Jun 022011

Sierra5 yo Dutch Harness Horse x Belgian Mare. Decisions, decisions – dressage, event or hunt???? Very fancy chestnut with a lot of chrome – 3 socks, a blaze and flaxen mane and tail. She’s 16.2 and may grow a bit more yet. This is a fabulous prospect who is a very animated mover with a lot of promise in dressage. She has a very active hindleg and a huge ground covering canter. She is learning to bring her back up and with her uphill build and natural self carriage, she demonstrates a lot of potential for collected movements. She is confirmed training level with solid lateral work. But that’s not all! She loves to jump and is unbelievably brave. She would be a fabulous event horse and we think she would even hunt as well. She scored well in her first dressage show, 68% and was very mannerly her first time off the farm. An extra special horse with a lot of possibilities. Check out the draftcrossdotcom channel on YouTube for videos of this fabulous horse.

Thanks to Linda of Maryland