Jun 012012

Belle of the Ball“Bella” is a 16.2H Clyde x Paint 6 yo mare.  She is a go anywhere, do anything for anybody type of horse.  She took to jumping like a duck to water and she is demonstrating tremendous form.  Super easy to stay with over a fence, she rotates her shoulders and snaps her knees, but not much else changes.  She has a wonderful rhythm jumping, never speeds up going down to  fence, or upon landing and for that reason, she is a fantastic horse to learn on.  Her rhythm and cadence on the flat are the same – again making her a wonderful horse to learn on.  And her flatwork is just as fantastic as her jumping – she’s had two BN events and won the last one on her dressage score of 29(!) which included four eights, two were for quality of her canter and quality of her trot.  She gets her changes in show jumping and is a blast XC, never pulls and does ditches, banks and water without batting an eye.  She’ll be moving up to novice at her next event.  Oh, and I’m quite sure she’ll hunt, she’s already been on hunt rides with 30+ horses and she’ll go in a flat footed walk on the buckle.  Seriously competitive in dressage and eventing, but safe and sane enough for a timid rider.  This is an extraordinary horse!

Thanks to Lauren, (and her Mom!) for her purchase of this incredible mare!