Jun 012012

Elektra15.2H, 7 yo Trakehner x Hanoverian mare branded and registered RPSI. This is such an exciting young horse! With very little showing “Lexie” has zoomed up the levels. She began her event career last summer when she won at BN, then went right up to Novice which she won, proceeded to finish the year at an unrecognized Training with a 5th. She’s had two events this year, one at the recognized Open Training Division at Redlands 4/22/12 which she won, logging in the low dressage score of the day across all Training Divisions! She always scores very well in dressage – the judges love her! She is solid in stadium with confirmed changes and always gets the distances, but it’s her cross country ride that makes her truly special. You can gallop her on the buckle, she never takes a hold and is smart and clever and has a ton of heart. Solid with ditches, banks and water, she would give anyone a lot of confidence xc.

Her record to date is:
won 4/9/11 Beginner Novice (First Event Ever) MD HT at Loch Moy
won 5/14 Novice MD HT at Loch Moy
4th 6/5 Novice MD HT at Loch Moy
2nd 6/24 Novice Surefire
11th 7/16 Training Md HT at Loch Moy
won 10/16 Novice MD HT at Loch Moy
5th 11/11Training Waredaca
won 4/12 Open Training Redland PC HT

She is competed by a 20 yo amateur. She is very attractivly priced but it will go up with continued competitions. She is what people talk about when they say: “when you have a good mare, you really have something

Thanks to Sharon of Virginia for her purchase of this very talented boy