Feb 152013

3 yo KPWN x Mare. Now this is a rockstar of a horse! Exceptional in absolutely every way! This mare’s superior quality of movement demonstrates what an active hind leg can do for you. Her gaits are scopey with good suspension and elevation. While her trot is eye catching, her walk and canter are out of this world. She’s built uphill, very leggy and with just enough bling to make her memorable. But what really makes this mare so very special is that undefinable something in her eye, her desire to focus on you, engage with you. She never checks out like a lot of young horses with limited attention spans, but is always trying to figure out an answer to the question you asked.

Her calm demeanor is very nearly unflappable and almost unheard of in a 3 yo. I have been doing this for a lot of years and have bred and bought a lot of horses, and I can tell you, her temperament is very special. Coupled with her exceptional athleticism and movement, it makes her a once in a lifetime kind of horse. She’s very green, just started under tack but she’s so smart and willing, she will progress quickly so keep an eye on our Dundulk Sporthorses Facebook page for progress videos. We will be getting her out to the future event horse shows, letting the world see how special she is. Gracie gave us a surprise in June –  a colt (!)  Apparently she was “accidently” bred when her breeder sent her out to be started.  So, we have a lovely Anglo Arab x Dutch x Draft baby on the ground.  Gracie is going back to work with the foal by her side and will be available after weaning, in September.

Thank You to Diane M for her purchase of this rock star of a horse.

Grace SlickFrom Diane M, on her purchase of Gracie Slick  4 yo DHH X Mare “Lori, if I had a million dollars and told you to go and find me my perfect horse, you could not have found anything better than Gracie!”