May 172016

JolenestndThanks to Karen for her purchase of her 2nd horse from us!

January 2017: Really nice update from Jolene’s new owner who sent her to Grand Prix trainer and judge Debbie Bowman:

“Debbie thinks this mare has incredible potential for upper level dressage. She has a really nice walk and a marvelous trot, a very free-moving shoulder and pushes naturally from her hindquarters. Her canter is a bit unbalanced but that will change once she builds up muscle. Debbie said that you did an excellent job in her training and that she enjoys being able to build on training rather than having to start from square one. “

15.2H, 4 yo, grey TB x Perch Mare.  This mare will steal your heart.  Green under saddle, but she has not put a toe wrong.  Jolene is a very nice mover.  She has a fantastic, active hind leg and good balance for her age and training.  She will make up into anything you want but is certainly a genuine dressage prospect.  She’s fabulous to hack out and really takes to training – she is honest and dedicated in her w exceptional work ethic has allowed her to make really fast progress under saddle.  She is a fun and fancy prospect that will be very rewarding to train.