May 172016

Thanks to Meg for her purchase of this big guy.


Wheeler1A big, strapping 17H, Shire x ISH gelding.  Black with two stockings and a star and snip, Wheeler is going to be a very cool horse.  Just turning four, he is going w/t/c and hacking out.  He still has some maturing to do yet, but even as physically immature as he is, he is a fantastic mover.  He surprises with his smooth supple trot and fantastic canter.  

We can’t get over how light in the bridle he is naturally and how incredibly comfortable his gaits are.  Although he has the look of a Gentleman’s Hunter, he would make a top notch dressage horse with his high quality gaits.   Movement and trainability in spades here folks.  If you would like a horse you could do absolutely anything with – or everything with, check him out.  Rarely do I get horses that are this big, and move like this.