Sep 272022

Here’s your dream horse! Navarre is a 3 yo Percheron x Friesian x QH gelding with the best of all three breeds – the bone and foot of the Percheron, the long high-set neck and refined body of the Friesian and the cute head and lovely unflappable mind of the QH. He currently stands 15.3H at the wither and, having just turned 3, will grow. His long, high set neck gives him the appearance of being much taller. This horse is a dream come true. He has outstanding balance and self carriage for a young growing horse. He has interest and enthusiasm for everything he does-he genuinely wants to do the right thing. He is one of the most affectionate horses you’ll ever find and not reactive or spooky. He has been started slowly, lightly and correctly with every consideration given to his age and size. He has not been pushed or suffered any trauma or put in bitting rigs or forced into a frame. And because of that, he is entirely trusting of his humans. He does not do tricks-sit on a couch or jump through fire but the first (and only) time I put a tarp on him, he was completely relaxed because he trusts humans. He would be well suited to a dressage home but also could do anything from fox hunting to eventing to trail. He’s perfect in the barn, loads on anything, travels quietly and is hacking out confidently at the farm. He’s kind, quiet and brave with superb natural balance-just an exceptional prospect. And let’s not forget his good looks, he’s definitely Mr. Steal your Girlfriend! $25,000