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…home of Dundulk Sporthorses and thanks for visiting. The first thing we would like you to know about this site is that our horses are different! We strive to put together an extraordinary collection of cross bred horses. We truly believe the sporthorses horses you find on our sales pages are different from most draft crosses out there. To put together our collection, we travel great distances and inspect literally hundreds of horses to present the dozen or so we have for sale at any given time. We offer Clydesdale, Percheron, Belgian, and Shires crossed with TBs, Hackneys, Saddlebreds, Andalusians (even the occasional Morgan!) for the ultimate sporthorse. The horses we source must be out-of-the ordinary in terms of refinement, temperament and athleticism. We look for horses that are suitable for a wide range of sports: Field hunting, dressage, eventing – we’ve even sold horses to vaulters. Our horses undergo a physical exam before we market them and while there is no such thing as a “perfect horse”, we are confident that the horse we sell is sound for the job at hand – While there is a great demand for refinement in draft crosses, there is also a great demand for sane, easily trainable horses. We are firm believers that the draft blood should be on the bottom of the pedigree, i.e., from the dam’s side, and the lighter blood from the stallion’s side. We feel the majority of the genetic influence comes from the dam and we want more of the draft temperament. This can result in a heavier (but quieter) type of horse. This is where we think our draft crosses are far superior to most others on the market – we find the ones bred out of draft mares that are exceptionally refined. We may look at 40 horses before we buy one that meets our requirements. We strive to offer you refinement, movement and temperament in the horses we select.

We take great pride in correctly representing our horses – they are what we say they are! If we say a horse will jump anything for anybody – it will. If we say it has the movement for dressage – it does. Because we hunt and event ourselves, we know what a horse needs to be successful. If you are not happy – we are not happy. The number one comment we hear from buyers is: “he’s exactly what you said he was”.

We take even greater pride in matching up people with horses. We select, care for, train, ride and market each horse so we know it very well. Our reputation is very valuable to us and we can provide references from past customers.

All of our horses go through a round-pen program that makes them much less likely to spook. They are competed, hunted and shown. We also have prospects that have not yet been competed or hunted and are priced accordingly.

We also have a few homebreds each year that are uniformly exceptional, please consider them if you are looking for a young prospect. Please visit our site often, as our sales list changes regularly.

On the rare occasion, we will take a horse on consignment for someone else. If we do this it is because we know the horse and owner very, very well and the horse fits the profile of the type we try to sell which is an extraordinarily sane horse, first and foremost. We do not represent horses we do not know.

Thank you for visiting.

“Be happy in your work . . . this is a gift of God”. . . . Ecclesiastes 5:19