Customer Comments


Re: Abby (DHH x Clyde x Hackney)

I LOVE my girl, she is the best partner and has the most wonderful brain and temperament!

-From Tracy, Abby’s new owner

Re: Cody (Perch x QH cross)

I can’t thank you enough! He has been the best horse with the best personality.

-From Julia, Cody’s new owner

Re: Sweet William

William. So wonderful!

-From Laura, William’s new owner

Re: Steely Dan

He went to his first dressage show today, first time in an indoor, 30 mph winds and he acted like an old pro – finished tied for 1st and 3rd! Everyone is drawn to his personality and presence.

-From Jill, Steely Dan’s new owner

Re:  The Flying Dutchman (Josh): 

I just wanted to send… you a thank you for allowing me to be involved in the second of what I hope is many purchases of horses from you. Josh is settling in perfectly. . I couldn’t ask for a better horse for her. . .this is a great match! Thank you for trusting me with another one of your great horses! If I have more students looking I will certainly call you first to see what you might have for sale. We love Dundulk Sport Horses!!! 

-From Debbie M, Trainer on her client’s purchase of Josh

Re: Josh 

Hi Lori – I just wanted to give you an update on Josh and I have to say I am in love!!!! He has been absolutely wonderful. . .Everyone here is laughing at me because I can’t stay away from the barn! Thank you so much for allowing my to buy this sweet, sweet guy, it has opened up a whole new world for me. 

-From Barbie H, Josh’s new owner

Re:  Shaylee

Hi Lori – I just wanted to give you an update on Shaylee . . .My trainer worked with her a lot when I was too pregnant to ride  and she constantly complements your establishment on the fact that you can tell she had great training to start out

-Kristen M

Re:  Scotch Mist

My trainer Sara rode Scottie last week and she really loved him. She had a lot of good things to say about how well he was started.

-Melanie M

Re: Izzy

She has adjusted well and  I adore her so much – her athletic and lovely movement, her bravery and cocky attitude, and obviously how adorable she is. 🙂 I’m riding her 5 days a week, and we’re taking weekly lessons together. She’s quite enthusiastic about having a job, which is a breath of fresh air for me since my other horses have all been pretty lazy.

Re: Gracie Slick  (4 yo DHH X Mare)

Lori, if I had a million dollars and told you to go and find me my perfect horse, you could not have found anything better than Gracie!

-Diane M

Re: Tess

Hey Lori, Yes Tess is doing great. We spend the winters in Aiken, SC. Just started competing down here and she does awesome. Is the best, steadiest mount I have ever had. And as you knew, talented. I love her, she is the best horse I have ever had.

-Sharon Anderson

Re: Ringo

Hi Lori:
Just a line to let you know that Ringo is settling in really well. We LOVE him!! I hacked him around the farm yesterday and walked around the outdoor so that he could get used to it. Did a ‘proper’ hack today with a friend and then explored the indoor….. He hasn’t put a foot wrong!


Re: Uproar

I just wanted to thank you for Rory. He is doing spectacularly well. He is a total goof ball, sweet and kind, and shows almost no spook whatsoever. He is the smartest horse I have ever met. We took him swimming in the lake yesterday – he had a great time splashing and took to it like a fish. Then we galloped across the fields (spectacular canter – OMG). He fits in very, very well with the other “bachelors” in his field – low man on the totem pole, just as you said, but knows how stay out of trouble. He amazes me in that he thinks before he reacts and so far, whatever he thinks about (a bicycle , boat, kids, umbrellas, deer ), has not been worth reacting to! And to think – he is only 3 years old!

Again, thanks for matching me with Rory – he is a joy and amazes me every day.


Re: Emma

hi Lori, I don’t know if Mitchell has written you but, man, do we love Miss Emma! She and Mitchell took 2 lessons a week during the spring and summer both learning enormous amounts about each other. She has settled into our barn, routines and surroundings quite well and is now leading second flight with pride. Today she received a trace clip without batting an eye (no drugs ever)! And, the horse loves the ring! Mitchell still takes a ring lesson each Monday. We not only had a very large ring built but, Mitchell made all the jumps including a roll top which Emma sails over. SO, thank you my dear, we “both” knew she’d be a perfect match for Mitchell. much love,


Re: Red Diamond

Hi Lori, I’m finally out and about with Red. This is a picture from his firsthunter pace last Sunday. He was a good boy on the long ride. He does just what you said when he goes a newplace: looks around but doesn’t act up. I think he was glad to be out anddid his great swingy walk on the trail. I’ve also been taking him down theroad to my lessons and he is well behaved there too. Hope all is well with you.

-Harper (and Dan)

This is an update on Jake.

Well, Jake and won first place at two recognized horse trials this year in beginner novice – Waredaca and Seneca Valley. Then, he won his training 4 and first level one classes at the PVDA Exhalt Farm schooling show. Then he competed at the regional championships at Difficult Run Horse Trials and won reserve champion. We have been having so much fun! Jake is always a joy, and is especially good at the shows – he is so relaxed and well-behaved! Every time he has an outing, people come up to me with admiring comments – one person asked me if I imported him! 🙂

Re: Emma

EmmaLori and Bruce, he’s having a blast on Emma. WE LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She led second flight today! What an angel. I watched the hunt take off today, so my husband gets on Emma and seems he’d bought a new girth which wasn’t tight enough, saddle went sideways so that he was literally sitting on her back on top of the girth. SHE DID NOTHING!! I loved her brain from the first day he tried her. MAN, DO “WE” CHOOSE WELL.


Re: Kingston (clyde x hackney x tb) foxhunter

Just wanted to update you on Kingston. He arrived home with the same wonderful, willing personality we saw in him at your farm. We have been working with him in the ring and on the trails and he has happily done everything we have asked of him, even jumping the liverpool on the first go round! Alex took him foxhunting last Saturday and I rode my experienced foxhunter in front and behind him. I made him quit after 2 hours but Kingston would have happily gone on. He did not hiccup or place a bad step. He jumped a few 2’6″ walls in stride and was wonderful with the hounds. He is really fun to ride and a very willing, even tempered fellow. Nothing seems to phase him.

-Barbara Matarazzo

Re: Tess (Clyde x TB Mare) Summer of 09

I feel so fortunate that I found her. She is everything you said she was and more.

-Sharon Anderson

Re: HokKnob (morgan x tb x draft) dressage

Just thought I would an update on HobKnob. He is doing great! I ride him 3 days a week and one of those days is a lesson with one of my dressage trainers, Nicky Vogel or Debbie Bowman. Nicky, a USDF ‘R’ judge says his gaits deserve 8s and 9s and Debbie, a USDF Faculty Examiner, claims he will wow people with his huge walk and trot. I hope to do a debut show this summer.

I thought you would like an update on HobKnob. He settled into life at my barn very quickly . . . and everyone said ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ when they saw him. On Monday, I trailered him to Debbie Bowman’s place outside of Charlottesville . . Debbie said he had a ‘terrific’ walk and was going to be a very nice horse. She also really likes his attitude – he was a little tired today but he tried to do whatever she asked. She also commented on how quietly he stood for tacking and mounting and said that someone (you!) did an excellent job in starting him . . Thank you for matching me with such a great horse!

-Karen Obenshain

Re: Rafiki (now Remi) Clyde x Trakahner gelding Summer of 09

He has a really lovely trot with swing and some suspension. He is just a fabulous horse who gives 150% every time we work. My trainer really loves him and thinks that he has so much potential – he is a barn favorite and makes my day every time I see him. Thanks again and take care.

-Margaret Lessene

LancasterDeb Norman re: Lancaster Clyde x Hackney Gelding
We are really enjoying him. David has been riding him too and doing great. He seems to be thriving with the personal attention and lack of ring work. He is a lovely horse. I plan to trail ride him this summer and road him in August. We’ll go from there. Thank you for sending him our way.



CocoSherry Nomoglu re Coco: Clyde x TB Mare Summer of 09 (and not yet a four year old!)
Just thought I’d send you a quick Coco update. I’ve taken her cross country schooling 3-4 times in the last several weeks. Just popping over little logs, stone walls, ditches, banks and water. She has now become the “horse that goes first over everything” :-). She is getting the hang of going over what’s in front of her vs around it. There’s only been one fence that threw her, everything else she looked at and went over. Love that brain!

Dear Lori,
Just wanted to write and tell you how fabulous Remi (my name for Rafiki) is doing. He is just the best. . .he is working on a little shoulder in at the walk and has learned turn on the forehand and on the haunches at the walk. His trot is really steady and light now and the canter is coming. Thanks for a super wonderful animal . . . . Thanks for everything. If your ever need a reference – please send them my way.
Margaret Lesesne

Sue Blu 2008This was opening meet Oak Ridge. There were about 100 mounted, you can see how nervous Blue was NOT……….Beautiful day, Fabulous horse………..I’m so lucky.
Sue Migleori




From Courtney Lorah – owner of Tripoli, 5 yo Clyde x TB gelding
I just can not tell you how amazing this horse is. I love him with all my heart and spend every possible second with him. People always ask where I bought him and I tell them your name. He loves his new home and his routine and he just LOVES jumping. He is definitely going to be my 3’6 Equitation horse. He has the most stable, sane, and loving mind in any horse I have ever ridden and his work ethic is to die for. He has not once pinned his ears or even swished his tail. And he learns everything in one lesson. Also, He sleeps laying down in his stall and every morning he will stay laying down and let ANYONE come up and lay with him. All he wants to do is bury his muzzle and eat lots of treats. The little kids at the barn all come up to him when he is on the cross-ties and wrap around his legs to hug him and he’s so gentle and careful around them. Maybe you can come to a show in the future or come up for a visit sometime! I’m sure he would just die to see you.

FisherMarian Cerilly re: Fisher who she bought on the strength of his web description without ever trying him. While we don’t usually sell horses to people who don’t try them, Marian seemed so absolutely certain that this was the horse for her, we shipped him out to California with not a little trepidation; seems as though it was a match made in heaven.

Fisher: 10/07 Here are some pictures of me on Fisher. It was our first “ride” in the large arena. There was a lot going on outside the arena on the street, i.e., street sweeper, broken down bus, electric crew, etc. Pretty much threw it all at him. As you can see, he was fine.

11/07 It’s hard to believe I’ve barely had him a month and we’ve come so far. He’s so sweet and so willing. Everyone at the barn ooohs and aaahs about him. He’s quite the little celebrity. I just love him. Thanks again for a wonderful horse!

5/08 I just can’t tell you enough about him. He has certainly won over my trainer. He has one of the best minds and attitude I’ve ever seen in a horse. Never once has he balked. I’m by no means and expert rider so I’m sure my communication is far from perfect. I’ve started inching my way down the trail with him. Most horses have trouble crossing the street at the cross walk. Not only did he side pass over so I could press the “walk” button, he waited patiently till the light turned green and calmly walked across the street. Just with that happy demeanor he always has.

You can’t imagine how playful he is. He is such a kick to watch when I turn him out. He does the silliest things. As soon as I walk into the arena, he trots up to me. I knew the moment I took the lead rope to lead him out of the delivery trailer that he was going to be a sweet, reasonable horse.

Fisher Christmas12/08 Here’s are some pictures of my unflappable Fisher! We’ve been on many trail rides this season to many different places . . .We can canter on the trail and he’s wonderfully contained and in control. The jumping is coming along. The photos of him don’t capture his whimsical nature. He’s quite a character and always makes people smile. It’s such a joy to watch him blossom.
Marian Cerilly, CA


5/08 Frank Laskaris Re: Kippen

AWESOME, FANTASTIC & PHENOMENAL! Olympia (Kippen) came home on Friday . . and this weekend was the first chance I had to ride her outdoors. I took her for about an hour stroll through the neighborhood yesterday afternoon . . we went out alone and she was just great. Today six of us found some high ground and spent over three hours out , she was a superstar! Leading , in the pack, or off alone she was confident and brave. We encountered pretty much all the terrain she will see, traffic, train tracks, puddles , creeks, name it we did it today and I could not be more pleased with her. I am extremely pleased that she is what you represented and I am confident when we start cubbing in Aug. she will be more than ready to lead the first field. Rest assured she is loved, pampered, and very happy, she is home. I will send you many referrals and although I am not in need, if another mare just like her shows up, please call me I will make room. Thank you again

Frank Laskaris
Cadillac of Naperville Inc.

3/08 Lynn Rubenoff re: Tivoli

Dear Lori,
I just wanted to let you know that Tivoli has settled in beautifully and is loved by all! What a sweetheart! She has stolen everyone’s heart – mine most of all. We are doing so well and having so much fun. I will send some pictures when I get a chance. Thank you again for blessing me with this wonderful gift. Love, Lynn

Jameson3/08 Liza Craig re: Jameson

I wanted to write to you and tell you that Jimmy is doing so very well. We couldn’t love him anymore than we do. I have been taking lessons weekly on him and he is a very good boy. I had to work through some confidence issues last fall and he really helped me do that. He absolutely loves to work, and his temperament is incredible. I sometimes cannot believe that I have him. He is definitely the horse of my dreams.

My daughter, Eryn, attended a polocrosse clinic on Sat at the suggestion of some of her pony club friends. She asked me Fri night if she could take Jimmy and I happily said yes. Eryn has ridden Jimmy maybe 4 x since we have had him, so this was stepping outside of her comfort area a bit. Anyway, Jimmy was a dream. He was as quiet as they come, and he took to the game like he was born to play. Nothing phased him…balls whizzing by, polocrosse rackets being swung about the head, small ponies running around underfoot. I was very proud of him, and Eryn fell in love with him and had a blast at the clinic.

I am sold on Dundulk Sport Horses. Whenever anyone asks where Jimmy came from, I give them your website information. Everyone should have a Jimmy in their life. Take care!

6/08 From Louis Rogers re: Turbo

This week (week two ???) was very good. Turbo is totally settled in and at ease in our barn . . I get home in the pm and he comes to the gate to greet me. He wants company and is clearly my boy. First session with a new trainer – the horse whisperer (I think he is part horse). Trainer loved Turbo – said: well bred, well broke, super horse. We are just at the beginning but will enjoy the journey.

Just wanted to let you know that Patrick Murphy is still the best horse in my barn… My daughter (15 years) took him to only 4 PVDA shows and earned a year end award (2nd place) because she only showed in 6 classes, but the scores were so good… she didn’t ride all season, didn’t take a lesson, and jumped on him to warm up before the class and still got scores in the high 60’s and 70’s. I am glad he is such a versatile guy… we took him “roading hounds” with the local hunt, to pony club rallies, and he is taken seriously as a competitor at dressage shows. Eventing is next…my daughter wants to get him going XC and cash in on the good dressage scores. Everywhere we go, people remark on how handsome he is, and how well behaved. In fact, at one show a woman recognized him and said I wanted to go back and buy that horse, but he had just been sold. Funny! Just wanted to let you know, we love him and wish we could clone him.

Lisa Trovillion

TitanWe wanted to give you an update on Titan. As you can see from the pictures I have to share him with the family. He walks like he is tiptoeing when our little daughter rides him. He is very gentle and careful with her. Evan, our son, rides him at least twice a week . . .and I ride him at least three days a week.

Titan and I are going to eventing camp with Jessica in March in South Carolina. We will officially begin our eventing then. He is a brave and sure jumper and takes great care of us all. We just adore him.

At his first dressage competition (PVDA) he placed second at Beginner and second at Training. The little competition was two weeks after we purchased him. The judge thought he was fantastic. I then took a 1 hour dressage clinic and the instructor, who previous to Titan thought that no cross should ever be more than 25% draft, rode him for an hour after my clinic with her and then said she thought he was fantastic!

(Before my lesson with her I had disagreed with her as the 25% issue and told her I thought he was perfect.)

My riding has improved dramatically on him. Although he is gentle and kind, he will not do anything unless I ask it properly. He is really a confidence booster.

Needless to say, whenever anyone asks where he came from we give your name. I have taken to leaving the saddle pad hanging outside his stall.

Toni Herbert & Titan’s Family

Sock Jump 2009Jennifer Shattuck re Sock (Perch x TB) eventing
It’s the end of our season and Sockie has been such a star. . . .I’m so proud of him, he tries every time! We have some homework to do this winter and I’m sure next spring he’ll be ready for anything. The size of the obstacles don’t bother him a bit, and he’s always a champ in stadium. There’s just still a couple of the more technical questions he needs to learn. I’m so grateful for his great attitude and we’re enjoying the journey together.


SockieJennifer Shattuck on her new event partner Osocka.
It has been a blast getting to know Sock this Summer, we are really building as a team. With lots of hard work and positive reinforcement, his training is coming along great! When I saw his picture 6 months ago and said “that’s my next horse” it was really meant to be. Sockie was just fabulous in dressage. He is learning so quickly. I never would have thought a sub 30 score was possible and when I saw that 28 I almost fell over. We even got one ‘9’ His gaits are spectacular, his willingness to learn is wonderful and his personality makes him completely lovable. I have recommended you to many people and without question would buy from you again.

From Jennifer Shattuck regarding Sockie:
I speak of your farm often when people approach me about Sockie. All of your horses are healthy with good feet and sound minds. It really speaks to the care you give them. . . I have recommended you to many people and without question would buy from you again.

Updates to follow!
p.s. At our first show I was asked twice if Sockie was for sale! The answer was a resounding NO!

jakob 2003From Meagan Symes (14 years old) regarding her 4 yo green as grass Perch x Fresian gelding Jakob:

We wanted you to know that he has turned out better than we ever imagined! He is a dream and a sweetheart to have. I have competed in few unrecognized local events in elementary level. He has been so phenomenal and hard working, my dressage and jumping trainers think he is the coolest most unique horse on the Eastern Shore and, for his age, very compatible (with me). I love him so much and wanted to update you for your website. Thanks!

From Amy Crandall Allen regarding her Paint x Belgian Mare Willamena:

We are working to get her canter to have more jump . . but she is doing better and better each day. One of the scribes at the show came up to me and told me the judge just loved her! She’s a great mare Lori – I’m so lucky to have her.

Jake 2007From Amy Hella regarding Jake a Clyde x TB gelding (by the TB Stallion Mancel):

This year, he went to his first event . . and won his division and got the dressage best score for the day (a 27). He is probably destined to be a dressage horse because of the quality of his movement, but he is a pretty good jumper. We have had lessons with two Grand Prix dressage riders/trainers – Judy Whyte and Susan Graham White – both of whom love him! Thanks so much for a great horse – I couldn’t be more happy. Look for him at dressage shows, his show name is Lionheart.

Best always,
Amy Hella

MithrilFrom Penny Mohr re: Mithril, Dundulk-bred (formerly Rumors of War), 6 yo Oldenberg Gelding:

Mithril is doing great and earned me two 67% scores in the Chapter Challenge where we were the second highest scoring training level horse and rider. Our team came in second overall — largely because of Mithril’s scores. We are working on first level for next year and some second level stuff — he knows half pass and is getting some flying changes . . . I really love this horse, and I must say most professionals that meet him say the same thing. I had a lesson with Linda Zang recently and she said – “the way you two are going, if I was a serious competitor watching your ride, I would get scared right now”

Photo by Sonya Barry

JimmyLiza Craig re: Jameison

Jameison is phenomenal. We started lessons and I am in love with his trot and his canter… were dead on when you said he was a very tolerant horse. In the ring and on the trail he is a pleasure to ride. I also have a dream of getting good enough to hunt him…. Thank you for giving me a horse that will help me realize my dream.


J. Shattuck re: Osocka (Sockie)

I completely adore him. He is such a great addition to the barn. What a pleasure he is, so eager and brave! It is such a nice feeling to be on top of a horse that isn’t a “coin toss” at every X-C jump. I just adore him and he is such a fun guy to be around. I can’t thank you enough for making his purchase and move such a pleasant experience.

Lucy Wallace of Crozier, VA and her two Dundulk Horses Red (an Appaloosa x Belgian) and Tim (a Belgian x Paint gelding) is having the time of her life on these lovely, quiet, talented geldings. Both were purchased as green 4 yos from us. – Red is now six and Tim is just four!

. . . just wanted you to know your beasts are all doing well….Red is ready to do first flight….which can rock & roll around Keswick. (3’6″ coops & so on) he is exceptional……he is fit, confident & listens to me, even when hounds are screaming…….this is way cool. (he also tracks hounds w/twin satellite dishes–ears)

Mr. Tim (toolman taylor) is having a fine time trail riding, working over gymnastics & so on. I have already turned down two offers for him…… one of them came at fox hunting camp when we were working in a field……a group of the first flighters came galloping through (we were in second flight, working on field hunter exercises. . .passing, turning, standing & opening gates & so on) first flight went booming through & there was some confusion (horses plunging around & so on)…..Tim swung his head, he never even moved his feet.

What a cool horse……

JemmiahFrom Anita Trotter-Cox of Annapolis, Md, re: her purchase of Jemmiah, 4 yo Bel x Paint mare purchased in July 2005:

You and Sarah would be so proud of our Jemimah (aka extraordinary Draftcross). She is doing so well. She seems to have settled in with “the girls” quite well. Everyone in the barn says how lucky I am to have found such a sweet tempered, beautiful horse. (No luck involved when you do business with Dundulk Sporthorses)

The trainer (Kim) was surprised to have Jemimah do so well. We have pictures coming of her first lesson. She had her second lesson today and part of it was trail riding with 2 other horses. That’s it for now – life is great with Jemimah. Please know that she is in good hands. Not the most experienced, but getting there! !

Willa 2005From Amy Crandall of North Carolina re: Willa – 4yo Bel x Paint mare: Purchased in May, 2005

I am so pleased and proud of Willa! We have gotten to know each other and she now trots up to me from the pasture and waits patiently at her stall door when I am in the barn. . . . I am finding she is very trainable and tries hard. My trainer said she is very smart and everyone who meets her loves her. Willa absolutely loves trail riding and likes to take the lead. She is very brave with things she doesn’t quite understand, and never panics. Last weekend I took Willa to a local foxhunting club to ride the trails with the second field master and she gave me the ultimate compliment: “She’s a good one! and so willing!”
Thanks so much; I adore Miss Willa!

From Lisa Trovillian re: Patrick Murphy a 6 yo Clyde x TB gelding purchased in 2002 as a 3 yo

Just wanted to let you know that my 12-year old daughter took Paddy to a pony club dressage rally last weekend because her pony had gotten hurt. Although I was a bit hesitant about letting her ride a big, young horse totally on her own all day (pony club does not allow any outside assistance), she ended up getting the highest score of the day, a 79 percent in one test and over 69 in another. She got compliments everywhere she went all day, and Paddy was very well behaved. It really boosted her confidence.

Lisa Trovillion.

From Rick & Kim Hall of Ohio re: Keegan (formerly Woody) 5 yo Belgian x gelding purchased in 2004:

Keegan is doing great. He and Rick helped rescue an injured rider on a trail ride last week. The squad came in with lights flashing and Keegan led the way to the injured girl. We’re very proud of him. I check your website every so often and I love to see the new horses. Wish I could buy more. We’re 100% sold on the draft crosses and you have the nicest ones!

From Lisa & Rick Staples, Glyndon, MD re: Pepe and Porter (formerly Gabriel & Piper 3 yo clyde cross geldings) purchased in 2003 & 2004

I just wanted to give you an update on your boys. We have been walking hounds, Porter’s a dream, just a machine over fences. The boy can jump! We get tons of compliments on our horses – the Masters know who our horses are. In fact, that’s how we are addressed – by our horses’ names!

Eagle WyndFrom Diane Laws of Florida re: Second Glance (formerly Eagle Wynd):

In December (2004) Glance and I won Reserve Championship at Training Level. We’ll be starting 1st Level this year, pray I can sit that big trot of his. He is such a willing partner, he continues to be such a sweet, kind horse. He draws attention where ever we go. Love my big boy and so glad you found him first and I found him second!



DunkinFrom Cathy Gurick of Florida re: Dunkin – Shire x TB gelding.

Just wanted to let you know we bonded and are having great fun together. He is so pleasant and well-liked wherever we go. Folks are always amazed that he is “only 4”. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that we were another good match. Thanks so much! Cathy Gurick.



GreystoneFrom Janet and Charlie Martinez Re: Greystone 4 yo Perch x TB gelding:

He really is a gorgeous horse now and getting prettier the more he grays out. He gets comments from everybody!! It took awhile for him to grow into himself, but this past spring he finally started to really grow into his large head and feet. He’s just under 17 hands, and very well muscled. He has done many challenging trails. . . he’s been totally reliable. Charlie couldn’t be happier. Thanks for selling us such a nice horse.


From Lucy Wallace Re: Rikkers Red 4 yo Bel x Appy cross:

–Lori: Red’s (2004)hunt season so far has included:

Stopping a runaway horse easily–horse blew by me w/reins flapping & rider screaming. I put my hand out, grabbed rein & pulled us both up. Rider asked how old my “solid citizen” was & how many years he’d been hunting. (heh, heh)

–Whipped in during an in-field emergency. Seemed to enjoy chasing the hounds AND after one “shout” from me, figured out that I wasn’t shouting AND SWIRLING MY WHIP at him, and dug right in.

–Quietly leaves the field to go retrieve fallen riders, hats, whips, gloves, etc. Stands quietly while I dismount to pick up same. Riders comments are always “my, what a nice quiet horse–how old is he?”

–TROTS anything we come to (log, coop, etc)

–{overheard in hunt field} “Let me get behind that big appy boy. He’s not going to do anything stupid”.

–Has walk to canter transitions “NAILED”

Lucy Wallace & Canadian Red (Formerly Rikkers Red)

GabrielFrom Rick and Lisa Staples re: Pepe (formerly Gabriel) 4yo Clyde x TB cross gelding

I just wanted to let you know Pepe is now being referred to as ‘Pepe the Wonder Horse’ by folks at Green Spring. Rick took him first flight last week and he jumped some of the biggest questions in Green Spring country and Rick had a grin on his face for a week. (And he’s only four!)


Air Bourne 2003Rebecca Sherer on Air Bourne (half-sister to Keep Tryst and Sissy) A 3yo TB x Oldenburg mare

“She is so very brave with everything! She has never refused to jump over a log or ditch on the trail or anything in the ring. She is also proving to be great on the trail, either alone or with other horses.

One funny side note: I keep her in an eventing barn and they always have several horses that are for sale. Sometimes they are showing the other horses when I happen to be riding, and the prospective buyers always ask me if, by chance, my horse is for sale. Of course she is not and never will be, but it is very complimentary. Now I try to ride elsewhere when prospective buyers are there because Air Bourne is so classy that she distracts the buyers from the very nice horses for sale!

-R. Sherer on Air Borne-3 yo Oldenburg filly bred, broke and trained by Dundulk Sporthorses!

Just wanted to let you know that Air Bourne is doing just fabulous! She has her canter down really well now . . She even trots poles and small X’s without a problem and is very brave over them – showing great potential! She was better behaved that my 6 yr old TB on the trail, and even walked over several narrow wooden bridges on the trail with no fuss at all!

Also, she is so cute in the pasture. When we go out to get her with a halter and lead rope, we call her name and she literally trots right up to you!

We just adore her so much, and wanted to give you an update!


Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you, thank you, thank you! You really helped make this whole process (finding, trying & buying a horse) very easy.

– L. Wallace

Earl– M. Wolman on Earl a Clyde x TB gelding

“I took Earl to a clinic by Heath Ryan – Aussie Olympian . . The professional opinion is that he has Grand Prix potential! He got nines on gaits in his first dressage test!



– Mary Kafura on Nickie (formerly Norbert) a 4 yo ClydexHackney gelding

I apologize for not being in touch but the truth is that I have been having such a great time with my new guy that I haven’t sat down at the computer lately! Today we hacked out alone down the road into the campgrounds next door. Nickie was so brave…he negotiated speed bumps, ignored picnic tables, benches, orange cones, a rappelling tower, industrial lawn mowers working away and even a deer that crashed out of the woods and ran across the road in front of us. He is SO quiet and kind! I couldn’t be more pleased. He is awesome. . . I would like to take him to a dressage schooling show at the end of October [he is] SO trainable! Lori, thank you for selling me this wonderful guy! I feel so blessed…

MithrilRe: Mithril (formerly Rumors of War) a Dundulk-bred Oldenburg gelding – Penny Mohr, Gambrils, MD

“Can’t ask for more! – Our team came in first in Training 1 and 2. Mithril is REALLY super at shows. He really shines and is so relaxed and focused. What a horse!! I’m in love with him!



Re: Enrique Carlos Andulsian x Shire – Kaye Zalken, Purcellville, VA.

He is Mr. Personality, so quiet and trainable – you are so good with these young horses


RainyRe: Rainy – Clyde/Hackney gelding – Susan Haupt, Iowa

He’s the perfect horse.




Re: Patrick Murphy – TB x Clyde gelding – Lisa Trovillian, Cooksville, MD

I have had a few lessons on Paddy with my dressage instructor who, I must say, is hard to impress. I think he surprised her a bit. When he dropped onto the bit and started pushing from behind, she remarked over the length of his stride and said, ” you may have a MUCH nicer horse here than you think!” Assure his friends that he has a nice life here, and is loved, and will have a place with us for life.

Re: Goldie – Belgian x TB mare – Jen Sarmiento, Rockville MD

Lori, you really know how to match your horses with owners . . .I just simply LOVE Goldie . . .Her balance is so refined . . .she is coming well off my leg; she is really beginning to know what work is. She is really beginning to put it all together, I hack her out by herself and the most she will do is stop, if you make her ignore it, she’s fine and for a horse that big and still YOUNG, that is wonderful. Thank you for making sure we were a pair.

Re: Othello – Shire x Saddlebred gelding – S. Cheney, Maryland

Talk about bombproof, a florescent lamp tube fell to the floor beside him when he was in cross ties and all he did was look! He’s awesome, the perfect horse for me.

Earl 2002Re: Earl – TB x Clyde gelding – Margot Wolman, White Hall, MD

Just a quick note to tell you that Earl got a third place at his first show on the outside “hopeful hunter” course out of 15 horses. He had a ½ hr. lesson “on the bit” and now he softens as soon as I put my leg on him. He got a nine on gaits at his dressage first show!



Re: Dunkirk – Percheron x Friesian gelding – Jen Fry, Eldersburg, MD

A quick Dunkirk update-he’s doing very well in the ring & on the trail with buddies-the fact that he loves to jump & is so honest is quickly curing my “jumping jitters”. Thank you very much for Dunkie he is sweet & always trusting of me, loves my kids, slurps up watermelon & grapes & is definitely the “gentle giant” of the barn. Not to take up too much of your time but he is very nice & I wanted to let you know we are getting along well (he garnered several ribbons at our farms fun show in the spring-3rd in dressage w/t!).

PortiaRe: Portia – TB x Clyde mare – Jan Greenough, Rancho Cordora, CA

Lori – I thought you might like to know how Portia is doing. We have been out hunting twice, once with a very small field, but hounds all over her and this past weekend with a much larger group (3 fields) and hilly terrain. She has been absolutely awesome. No one can believe that she is only 3. She does not mind the hounds, even when they burst out of the bushes right behind her. She does not mind the other big fields riding off at the gallop and she doesn’t try to run off. She has a beautiful trot that can keep up with anyone in the hunt field and a rocking canter when needed.

She just goes along with whatever comes up. Kent says she is the talk of the hunt field – and everyone has stopped by to see her. She just has so much pure presence! I don’t think any amount of money could buy her from me right now.

Re: Cheraz – Holsteiner x TB gelding – Judy Wight, Maryland

I love him! Thank you for all the work you did with him as a youngster, he has a fabulous mind. My trainer thinks he’s a FEI-level horse. I believe he’s the one that will take me to Grand Prix

Re: Eagle Wynd, Saddlebred x Belgian x TB gelding – Diane Laws, Ocala, Florida

What a nice fellow I have! I’ve ridden him twice so far. Blythe did a great job with him. I hope I can continue on with the work she has done. He is so easy to ride! What a gentleman. I hope you feel good about his new home and know that he will get the best of care and a very kind rider and an instructor with a bag of tricks to get to Rome.

Thanks again for all your help and VERY PROFESSIONAL relationship with me.

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