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After 20 years on owning Danes we have decided to breed our beloved Hannah. Great Danes are the only dog we have owned for two decades and we are totally devoted to the breed. To be sure, they have not all been perfect – we have had Danes with health problems, temperament problems and soundness issues but we have loved them all. Our current Dane – Dundulk’s Hannah Kantango (Hannah Banana to those who know and love her) we feel embodies absolutely everything one could want in this breed. In addition to being a beautiful show-marked Harlequin with exquisite conformation, she descends from some of the most successful bloodlines being shown today, and she is of unbelievable temperament and intelligence.

While we appreciate her beauty and enjoy her intelligence, the primary reason we are breeding this dog is because of her temperament. These are obviously big dogs, and uncertain temperaments are a big risk. Too many Danes today – even show ring champions – just barely tolerate strangers. The AKC standard for a Dane states that it should be a good watch dog, but not a guard dog. There is a huge difference – Hannah will certainly bark at a noise she hears outside the house and what a big bark it is! Unquestionably sounding like there is a substantial dog protecting the premises. However, she will then proceed to lick to death anyone that actually comes in! It’s this temperament we are seeking to reproduce – this total submission to humans that makes her such a pleasure to be around.

Dugan Major

Dugan Major

We were faced with many decisions in trying to decide whom to breed her to. We wanted a Mantel stud dog but the AKC had only recently accepted this coat color so there were not a great number of them out there. And we wanted a champion because we wanted the puppies to be commercial, but we also want a temperament that was equal to hers. Finally we wanted to outcross her bloodlines, not line breed, for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, the few dogs of this coat color available had a lot of bloodlines in common with her so we feel really lucky to have found a stud that met all of our criteria in “Ch Saravilla’s All Eyes on Me” (Dugan to those who know and love him). Owned and loved by Rebekah Mursencavage of Crown Jewel Danes, www.crownjeweldanes.com we were thrilled to discover he comes from a home with five children – three of them little children! This is not a kennel kept stud, let out to breed and show. He lives in the house and sleeps on their bed and is a daily part of his owner’s lifestyle. He is a friendly and outgoing as any dog of any breed we have ever met. Even better – his sire, Ch Saravilla’s Lucky Man “Midas”, has had several litters of puppies temperament tested and in one case, the entire litter was suited for therapy dog work. This is truly unique in today’s world and exactly the kind of temperament we seek to reproduce.

So we have planned what we think is the best mating possible for our Hannah and hope for a large litter. She is due to whelp around April 15, and we will take applications for puppies before that time.

Generally, we would seek to place a puppy with people familiar with the breed. It does not mean we won’t sell to someone who has never owned a Dane, but we prefer an experience dog owner. We will require spay or neutering with the pet quality pups and also obedience class for any first time Dane owners. We will sell show quality to pet homes provided they spay or neuter. Our most fervent desire is that they go to people who will love and cherish them as we do.

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Puppies born 4/18/05

All of our puppies are sold! Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone who gave these wonderful little dears new homes. We miss each and every one of them and are sincerely grateful for their new owners. We truthfully could not have asked for better homes.

Thank You! To:

Michael and Erich for their adoption of “Beau”, the puppy formally known as Ty.

Cecila & Martin for their adoption of “Roxy”, the puppy formerly known as Spot.

Tim & Lori for their adoption of “Toby” and “Stella”, the puppies formerly known as Tommy Tune and Starling. (They took two!)

Heather & Charlie for their adoption of “Howard”, the puppy formerly known as Mac.

Don & Jennifer for their adoption of “Skye” the puppy formerly known as Blue.

Jules and Remy (formerly Hamlet) are staying with us which will bring our Dane Gang to three!
Check back for updated pics from their new owners and watch them grow!